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Why have a professional website? Why have a professional website?

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Having a business website or personal well done is the most economical and easy to impose its product and / or its service in the national and international level.
Through the steps that will describe below, you can see how having a website does not mean to put your name on the address bars and a photo with business inside a machine, but it does mean opening a whole new market.

1. analysis
Before you begin it is essential to understand the needs of the target group of people to which we refer and what kind of website we want to go to develop.

2. design
At this stage, of course, much more practical than the previous one, is going to outline the guidelines useful to me and the client to understand the result to which we are approaching the case and make changes to it.

3. development
This is the stage "conclusive", where the site has reached its final shape at both algorithmic graph.
During the development phase I carry out, in addition, the connection to the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and related pages FAN.

4. recording
Domain registration and any additional services (eg SMS Pack).

5. indexing
This is the last stage, certainly the most important.
Build a website as I wrote is used to open new markets and create new revenue opportunities that can only come if the website is well indexed, which is why at this stage are reports made to the search engines more and less important.

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