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NEWS FROM WEB The smartphone is no longer needed to call

From new market research implemented by an American research center, the smartphone is ... just what we used to call cell phone, you no longer need to call.

The research makes it clear that only just over 15% of those using a smartphone makes it to phone, 35% use it to send messages (that's incredible, not with the traditional method of posts, but Whatsapp), the "traditional "however is only used in 13% of cases, and finally 45% of respondents said they use smartphones to stay connected to the world of social networks and read the email as well as stay up to date on the news.

That the smartphone had all but abandoned his old job when it was understood by now statistics say that 60% of people who travel claims to use his smartphone and the classic navigator.

I leave you by telling you that the number of photos taken in recent years, more and more, no doubt thanks to the evolution of smartphones.

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